My passion as a professional makeup artist is to help you express your unique story.

Why evoke artistry?

Makeup has the ability to transform and can reflect countless styles, concepts and feelings. What is the story your makeup is conveying?

My passion as a professional makeup artist is to help you express your unique story; whether you need an inspiring editorial image, consistent work for commercial images, have a big day coming up or would like a lesson to perfect your routine. I bring my expertise and creativity to you, along with a complete makeup kit, hygienic approach and excellent customer service.


The evolution of evoke artistry...

My name is Elisabeth and evoke artistry was created so I could help you the client tell your story through makeup; at your location and away from a sales driven retail setting.

I first dabbled with makeup and hair in elementary school. Armed with a colorful eyeshadow palette, sponge applicators, a curling wand, and a step-by-step 80's makeup book; anyone within reach became my guinea pig.

During college I studied Fine Art: Painting and Drawing at Whitworth University and also began doing makeup and hair for the theater department. After college I maintained a desk job while doing makeup and hair on the side. Inevitably, I realized I was happiest with a brush in hand helping people and began pursuing makeup full time. The majority of my extensive makeup training has been through MAC. There I received every certification possible and was chosen to be a member of the MAC Impact Team which allowed me to facilitate events and teach classes for MAC as well as do special artistry projects. 

I have been working professionally in the makeup industry since 2008. Each service I provide is customized to a client's individual needs and underlying story.

This is my story. What is yours? Let's talk.